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Guess what time it is? It’s Al Basha Grill time! menu 1

Come to Al Basha grill today.You will never forget your experience here.

Everybody loves enjoying their time here at Al Basha Grill. We are family friendly! We cater to families and also to anyone who just needs to relax for a bite to eat.

We have a vast menu, everything Middle eastern as well as the best burgers and fries in Miami Beach! Don’t forget about the kids orders as well! Everything on the kids menu will come with fries and a free soda or juice.

There is plenty of Al Basha to go around and you will beg us for more. We understand your needs concerning your appetite weather it is small or large.

We offer vegetarian sandwiches, appetizers and a beautiful asortment of salads to choose from. So, if you’re feeling light and healthy go for our hummus sandwich or our falafel and grape leaves.

Also for those of you with a larger appetite try the Beef Shawarma or Mixed Grill.

We cook fresh food; only the best.

We always keep all our vegetables, meats, and spices fresh! We are in constant need of new inventory on a daily basis so you’ll find nothing but pure satisfaction here at Al Basha Grill.

The Lentil Soup

Our featured lovely Lentil Soup unmistakably has the perfect texture and just the right amount of lentil soup - enjoy our homemade soup of lentils and vegetables its our house special!spices. You can actually feel the spices do their magic on your taste buds.

You’ll want one for here and another to go. Grab some for your friends or co-workers. It fills you up, perfect as a side or also as a quick to go meal on your break.

Complete it with a warm slice of pita bread and you are ready to go.


Pita Wrap Shawarma Sandwich

You can see behind the scenes our freshly cut meat which is cut straight off our vertical broilers onto our steaming hot grill for final preparation before its added you your handmade the way you like it sandwich. Yes! Have your sandwich exactly the way you want! Your pita sandwich is your own unique order of your special selection of toppings rolled the Al Basha grill way. Sit back and relax in our comfy bar stools in close view of the salad bar and our busy kitchen staff. See the action, up close on how your halal meal is made. Also, you can add fries and a drink for only $2.49!
Up the ante with our Steak Sandwich!

The Steak Sandwich

Our Steak Sandwich is absolutely delicious! It has mouth watering Rib-eye marinated to perfection which gives it a gorgeous color. Once completely marinated, it is then grilled and carefully placed into a wrap along with lettuce, parsley, grilled onions, and tomatoes. Last but not least, we add a delightful tatziki sauce and a sprinkling of sumac for a final touch.

Al Basha Grill it and ask about our latest special!
Al Basha Grill is Magical and Miraculous!

It’s the best food you’ll ever eat.